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1. I always mess with my crochet works, I never do according to the pattern,either the pattern is too difficult for me or I'm just too bored to do the same stitches :) At the end it's my own version of the chosen pattern,often looking completely different than the original!

2. I hate meat. I'm a vegetarian but once or twice I ate meat just because I was so hungry and there was nothing else in the fridge besides meat :)

3. Once,on the school trip I lied to my best friend that I had a boyfriend from my dancing group. In fact I was seeing nobody,I just said that to her because I was the only one to be single and I didn't want to look like a stay-at-home-and -have-no-boyfriend-girl! She never figured out it was a lie!

4. Before moving to Belgium I used to tell my boss I was sick and I couldn't go to work. Instead I was going to Belgium for the weekends - but it was worth it :) :) :)

5. I'm allergic to milk but I always drink coffee with a bit of it !

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Jenny 05/03/2007 21:51

Your blog is very good, and i love the pink  t-shirt.
Kisses From Madeira Island.