something crocheted has been finished :)

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Uff,I managed to finish what I started :) As you can see my laziness went away and I'm back - thank God !!! Just like I expected the sleeves are shorter than 3/4 just because I was running out of the yarn and I still wanted to use the rest for a bracelet - which I'm finishing now,by the way :) So,it was done from italian cotton Malaga, crochet hook 3mm. And as an accessory - crocheted bracelet with some blue beads !!!












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Vânia 06/03/2007 17:26

Q linda blusa...adorei...a pulseira tbm esta um mimo!!!

Eliane Guimarães 28/02/2007 02:17

Hi Sylvia! I sent an email of "Re:Olá"Com reviewed for you.I hope that it likes. I loved its new works. Kisses! Eliane

Dziunia 27/02/2007 14:58

Lady! Śliczna bluzeczka Ci wyszła! Ależ Ty masz zabójcze tempo!!!