Evening walkings are surprising sometimes :)

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My own mannequin,finally !!!! I found it yesterday outside a boutique when I was walking home with my husband. Here in Belgium,every once in a while shops get rid of some old stuff from their assortiments. But this mannequin looks completely new !!! Well,I'm so happy to have it because I was dreaming of buying one someday :) And as you can see,I'm almost finishing my new top - it's only missing the left sleeve,which I'm sure will be done today :)

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lucia 28/07/2007 01:19

helloi like so much your jobs. What beautiful its your mannequin, jajaja!!!Kisses for you.

Eliane 26/07/2007 13:15

Hi Sylvia! You have much luck in finding a new dummy in the street, this you do not happen of skill here.Congratulions!!!!Great!!Kisses!Eliane :)