Blusa japonesa :)

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As you may know,there are plenty of beautiful japanese or chinese crochet and knitting magazines ex. Keito Dama, Let's Knit Series, Rich More or Marché ! I find them all amazing :) One - there are always beautiful models,either to knit or crochet ; two - the patterns are clear and easy to follow, even if youdon't know any of these two languages :)
Searching on my crochet forum I found the photo instruction for this beautiful blusa or perhaps it's a tunique :)
  Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOne of the japanese girls was so nice to take pictures step by step while crocheting it so now we can follow her instructions :) You can download the file HERE
Happy crocheting!
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Lú Ribau 09/06/2007 18:05

Thank you for your post.I love this tunique!kissesLú Ribau from Portugal http://luribaublogspot.com

Anna 07/06/2007 22:06

Nawet nie wiesz jak się cieszę , że tutaj zajrzałam. Dzięki tobie znalazłam ten wzór na bluzkę japonesa(cudo!!!!!!!!). Bardzo mi sie podoba twoja "cukierkowa" spódniczka. z tą podszewką to strzał w dziesiątkę!pozdrawiamAnia