Hands full of work

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Yeah,I haven't been posting anything new for two weeks but I'm having hands full of work. I'm crocheting clothes and accessories for my friend's gallery for sale.It's gonna be a big store with all stuff hand-made. I'm gonna have my own small collection - let's hope people will like it :) New yarn at home,new magazines so get back to work !!!! See you soon !!!


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lucia 07/05/2007 20:41

Its amazing your beautiful job!!!!
I link your blog into mine because its wonderful !!!
sorry if you dont understand me, i dont speak english very well, i only speak spanish. :=)

*thera trico e croche* 06/05/2007 20:33

muito lindo seu blog e criativo,gostei das bolsas e boleros,tenho blog de trico e croche,espero sua visita seu parecer e sua amizade,que tal trocarmos os links?o meu é *thera trico e croche*www.thethetricoecroche.blogspot.com